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ATV Dimensions, Complete ATV List Of Length And Width

ATV Dimensions, Complete ATV List Of Length And Width

In this article I will provide a complete list of ATV dimensions by engine size. This information comes in real handy when you’re trying to figure out if an ATV will fit in a truck bed or on a trailer.

Most ATVs will be under 85 inches long and less than 48 inches wide from the factory. Some ATVs will have aftermarket wheels, tires, or widening kits installed which will make them wider than the 48 inch wide stock ATVs.

There are way too many ATVs out there to list the dimensions of each one seperately. So instead, I will list the average dimensions for every size of ATV engine and then the dimensions of the most popular models.

If you’re looking for a narrow or short ATV, you will have better luck with the smaller engine sizes. But just because an ATV is longer, doesn’t mean it will be wider than similar sized quads.

List Of ATV Length And Width By Engine Size

Engine Size In CCLength In InchesWidth In Inches

That list is a good starting point if you’re looking for a new quad that needs to fit in a certain area, like a truck bed or on a trailer. But that list really only gets you the range of engine size you can look for.

And some of the engine sizes have quite a large range in sizes available. To narrow your search down and get more accurate, I’ve created a list of the most popular ATVs available and listed their dimensions out for you.

List Of ATV Length And Width By Model

Make And ModelLength In InchesWidth In Inches
Polaris Sportsman 450/850/10008348
Can-Am Outlander 450/5708346
Can-Am Renegade 450/5708648
Honda Fourtrax 8448
Yamaha Grizzly 7008248
Yamaha Raptor 7007246
Yamaha YFZ4507048
Suzuki King Quad 500/7008548
Arctic Cat Alterra 570/7008448

These are some of the most popular ATVs, but their competitors versions will most likely be around the same dimensions. Give yourself a few inches lee-way on these dimensions when measuring for a fit.

If you have 48 inch wide space, and get a 48 inch wide quad, it still may not fit as these manufacturer measurements have a half inch give or take accuracy. Besides, you don’t want to be wrestling with the machine getting it in and out of a tight fitting space.

Why ATV Dimensions Matter

Most people need an ATV to be a certain size to fit on their trailer or in the bed of their truck. But there are other reasons to consider your ATVs dimension that most people overlook.

For example, a wider ATV will have better handling around corners and less of a risk for a tip-over to happen. With a wider stance ATV, riders on the race track will have an advantage because of the faster speed they can take corners.

But on the trail, it’s a different story. Don’t get me wrong, I like a wider ATV for trail riding too. It makes for a funner ride for me not having to slow down for corners. But some trails have width restrictions.

The most common restriction I’ve seen is a 50 inch width restriction on ATVs. They will fine you if you get caught riding with a quad wider than that. But more importantly, you may not even fit down some trails if your quad is too wide.

Some trails have tight areas between trees, and other obstacles like bridges or gates you need to fit through. Maybe we don’t all agree with the laws telling us what size ATVs we can ride, but the trail is the trail, if you don’t fit, you don’t fit.

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