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Are Dirt Bikes Automatic or Manual? What To Look For

Are Dirt Bikes Automatic or Manual? What To Look For

When shopping for dirtbikes, it is critical to know if they are automatic or manual. In the early days of the dirtbike, there were only manuals; finding one with an auto transmission was akin to finding the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth. So are dirt bikes automatic or manual?

Dirtbikes come in both automatic and manual models. Depending on the bike’s energy source, you can special order whichever model makes you most comfortable. Automatic dirtbikes are becoming more prominent as more companies begin to make electric dirtbikes and quads.

The automatic transmission bike is making huge strides into other markets of dirtbikes, like adventure bikes, that were usually strictly the domain of manual drive machines. Don’t sweat it! No matter your bike’s transmission, you can rip up the trails. So read on and learn if dirt bikes are automatic!

Are Dirt Bikes Automatic or Manual?

One of the recent trends in dirtbikes is the move to electric bikes. This is a fantastic way to break in new rides as most of them will be an automatic transmissions. An automatic makes it much easier for the young riders to learn how to ride and not worry about constant kicks to the pedals and pressing the clutch.

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You can still buy bikes that have manual transmissions. They come in small cc engines that are great for up-and-coming riders. They have the manual transmissions we know and remember from the old days.

A few ways to tell if your dirtbike is manual or automatic are:

  • Pedals – One of the main ways to tell if your dirtbike is a manual is to check the pedals. A pedal on the left will allow you to move it up or down to change the gears. This pedal is not present in automatic transmission dirtbikes.
  • Handles – The next place to check will be the handles of the dirtbike. The old school handles of the dirtbike will have a handle on the left that will work as the clutch. Newer dirtbikes do not have a clutch.

Determining what kind of transmission your dirtbike has is a cinch once you know what to look for and where. First, you should know that some bikes come with handles for the breaks on both borks in an electric bike. Be careful that you don’t mistake a brake handle for a clutch.

Do you Have to Shift Dirt Bikes?

It depends on the transmission type of your dirtbike. If you have an automatic dirtbike, there is no need to shift. Auto dirtbikes have a chip in the electrical system that changes the gears on the bike depending on the terrain and how you drive.

If your bike is manual, you will need to change the gears. This could be a hard-to-master process for the beginning rider and hamper their ability to learn how to ride. However, by following a few rules, the rider can quickly master the shifting of gears.

A few rules to follow when riding a manual dirtbike are:

  • Listen to the Bike – One of the best ways to know when to change gears on a dirtbike is to listen to the engine. When it gets to a high RPM, the noise will be unmistakable. However, if you continue to wind the bike up, it could have a catastrophic failure that means you have to replace the engine and any collateral damage.
  • Low Shifting – Don’t be afraid to shift the gears out too early. It is an excellent way to learn where the gears work best for you. Remember that shifting with low RPMs is a way to gauge the gears and get used to them. Follow the instructions of the bike, the tach number, or the indicator light to get the best results.
  • Work the Pedals – Another great way to get used to having a bike with a manual transmission is to work the pedals when the cycle is off. You get familiar with changing gears by getting used to moving your foot around to shift up and down.

Learning to shift your manual bike could take time if you are a newbie. It is all in good fun, though, and by learning the ropes, you open yourself up to a new world for exploration and intrigue.

Do Dirt Bikes Have Gears?

Yes, dirtbikes have gears. They shift with automatic or manual transmissions that allow the bike to reach higher speeds or gain more traction on slick ground. In addition, these gear shifts allow more horsepower to be drawn to the rear wheel, which drives the bike forward.

Which Bikes are Automatic?

For the most part, dirt bikes come in either transmission type. Depending on the model and style you choose, the bike could only come in one kind or the other. By knowing which bikes come with automatic transmissions, you save yourself some time and effort.

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A few dirtbikes that have automatic transmissions are:

  • Zero FX – One of the hottest new dirtbikes on the market is the Zero FX dirtbike. It has an automatic transmission and is 100% electric. There is no shifting required; all you need to do is strap on your helmet and have a blast.
  • KTM Freeride – Another good auto transmission bike is the KTM Freeride. It is a state-of-the-art bike that has a powerful 18 kW motor. It comes with a hefty price tag but is as good a time as you can have on the trail while preserving the environment.

There are several bikes on the market that come in auto transmission. Take your time, and knowing what you want from a motorcycle can pare down all the models until you find what you are looking for. Then, find the right fit for you. Do your homework before buying.


Dirtbikes come in both automatic and manual. They come this way because it is often easier for younger riders to handle an auto before moving onto all the shifting and pedal mashing required to drive a manual.

Finding an automatic transmission dirtbike that is right for you will be lots of fun to find. Several models on the market are sure to fit your task and purpose. So enjoy your shopping but be aware of the price tag and the repercussions of ownership.

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